DANIE is a consortium of financial institutions that benefit from access to secure, cross-firm collaboration. Enabling solutions to be found in working together, using Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PET).



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Won the techsprint organised by the BIS and RBI on Cross-Border data collaboration on AML/CFT

A-Team Innovation Awards 2023

Most innovative data privacy by design


Won the privacy-preserving data pooling techsprint

A-Team Innovation Awards 2021

Most innovative use of DLT

A-Team Innovation Awards 2021

Most innovative financial data security solution

Access to next-generation technology

Members of DANIE have access to a suite of next-generation, decentralised technological solutions built for immutable privacy and multi-party collaboration. Ultra-sensitive data reconciliation, including KYC, AML and fraud detection are made possible from institution to institution, via an unparalleled, efficient performance.

CheckNo ties to other participants
CheckEach party keeps control of their own data
CheckTotal encryption and provable integrity
CheckScales to support billions of transactions
CheckEasy to use interface

Member benefits

No ties to others



Avoid regulatory fines for misreporting inaccurate data

Data control



Improve efficiency by saving time on manual data reviews and remediation practices

Reinforce best practise via driving cross-industry data standardisation

Improve data quality as errors are solved efficiently




Low energy approach to privacy preserving data collaboration as fewer servers are required to secure data pooling

Technology built for privacy and collaboration

A unique combination of secure hardware and cryptography

Since 2018, international banks have utilised multi-party trusted computing and secure hardware distributed technologies made available within the DANIE consortium to securely reconcile millions of records.

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Too often vital data and knowledge remain siloed within individual institutions, resulting in a global problem being tackled at an individual firm level... PETs could play a substantial role in increasing the prevention and detection rates of financial crime.

Director of Innovation, FCA

Product suite


Data reconciliation tool that allows networks of untrusting parties to pool information together and gain mutually beneficial insights while maintaining confidentiality.

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Transaction monitoring tool that conducts large-scale graph analysis on pooled transaction data to identify suspicious behaviour and prevent criminal activity.

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KYC signalling tool that provides real-time alerts to a network of organisations when a member's data input changes consensus or reveals new information.

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Secured by Secretarium

The award-winning third-generation Secure-enclave Distributed Ledger Technology (SDLT), combined with cryptography by Secretarium, provides an incognito setting for anonymous reconciliation of sensitive data between multiple organizations on a confidential computing network. It highlights each firm's own data anomalies against the equivalent values submitted by peer institutions.


Facilitates development of decentralised confidentiality driven applications

Integrity proofs

Provides integrity proofs and is fully auditable

Encrypted at all times

Guarantees that data remains encrypted at all times

Data is never disclosed

Solutions available within DANIE are built on confidential computing technology to ensure data submissions are always kept private, and are inaccessible to even the solution providers themselves.

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